Objektif Logistics, depending on her philosophy of reliability, gives fast and net service by means of 30 branches within custom areas in Turkey and companies all around the world. More important that this, customization service is carried on , stnchronously with zero error after serious inspections .
Also Objuektif logistics customers can receive actual legislation and investment consulting services from our Costom Coordination Department.

International Shipping

- Road Transportation

Objektif Logistics gives road transportation service with vehicles that are, equipped with current technology, efficient, environmentalist, monitored through sat and non-stop within the framework of legal process. Objektif Logistics’ road transportation is an alternative to air freight.
Objektif Logistics is aiming to increase her 600 (rented) + 400 (owned) fleet to 1200 vehicles with a new 200 vehicles investment. Our company gives high capacity transportation and non-damage assurance to customers with adjustable double decker vehicle transportation system.

- Sea transport

Objektif Logistics offers price advantages to customers , through warehouses at main ports in the world by ensuring ‘ high cube’ consolidation.

- Air Transport

Objektif Logistics, gives guaranteed intercontinental air cargo service through all major airlines and offices located in main airports all around world with ‘cross deck’ warehouses.

- Railway Transport Railroads are passing through Objektif Logistics’ warehouses that are located in bonded and of duty areas. As a result of this, our company can offer intermodal transport solutions to our customers.

- Combined Transport

‘FLexible Solution Packages’ for all customer needs.
Objektif Logistics comes up with flexible solution packages of combined transport services that are coordinated centrally and controlled by Project teams located at all logistic points, where more than one transportation type used from departure to arrival .

Warehouse and Inventory Management

With owned and modernized warehouses located in important commercial areas of world, Objektif Logistics gives , stock management, zero stock error, non damage, handling and distribution services. Consistent with legal depreciation time, investment value is reflected to costs, by this means customers get rid off high rent expenses and benefit from the cost advantage.
On the other hand, Objektif Logistics, uses electric forklifts in all warehouses and never gives up from environmentalist and health priority of working force approaches.
All reports are prepared ,presented and published that customers ask at any stage of supply chain.

Air Sea and Cargo Transportation

Objektif Logistics, with large agency network and experienced staff, gives export /import transportation services to all ports of the world . All infrastructure built up for fast, secure and economic service.

Project Transportation

We have the technical expertise and corporate relations relevant for deliveries of cargos to be transported by means of special delivery or combined transport.